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Payment Information

Woman holding a piggy bankForrest Road Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice that provides bulk billing to pensioners and children under 16 years.

Bulk billing is when a medical provider doesn’t bill you, the patient, but instead bills Medicare directly, accepting the Medicare benefit as full payment.


Consultation Fees

We are a mixed billing practice that provides bulk billing to:

  • Pensioners
  • Veteran affairs
  • Children under 16 years.
  • Please note the exception of Dr Wong who charges privately at a reduced fee to children

* Health care card holders are charged a reduced fee

* ALL Telehealth appointments are privately charged, this includes pensioners.

* Appointments for results incur fees.

* Bulk billing will be at the discretion of the Doctors, please ask our friendly, reception staff for further information.

All SATURDAY appointments are Privately Billed.

– No bulkbilling available – Private fees apply to all patients A reduced rate of $70 for Pensioners, Healthcare card holders & children under 16 yrs for standard appointments.
Medicare rebate $41.20 – Out of pocket cost $28.80

Doctor’s Fees

Dr Shahab Taj – Dr Fatima Stanakzai
Dr Yin Kwan Wong – Dr Nicole Afonso Conradie
Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost to Patient
New Patients (1st Visit) $125.00 $79.70 $45.30
Standard $88.00 $41.20 $46.80
Long $125.00 $79.70 $45.30
Extended $160.00  $117.40 $42.60
HCC Holders – Standard Appointment $68.00  $41.20 $26.80

Procedure’s, consumable’s or treatment room fees may also apply, please check with staff.

Each doctor reserves the right to vary fees at their own discretion, consultation fees vary and are a guide only.

How Does Bulk Billing Work?

In a practice where bulk billing is featured, this means that you pass your right to a Medicare benefit on to your service provider, allowing Medicare to pay your doctor directly. This allows you to visit your doctor without any out-of-pocket expense.


Want to Learn More?

Our practice has had the confidence of the Padbury community for over a decade; we’d like to warmly welcome you to also be a part of our family-friendly centre. We have an array of comprehensive services for every age, gender and condition.

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